Total Gym XLS Review

What is the Total Gym XLS?

The Total Gym XLSThe Total Gym XLS is a product of Total Gym, which has a broad range of workout machines and is supposed to encompass the entire home gym workout utilizing one machine. It boasts a good build quality, extra features for the fitness guru, practicality and value. The Total Gym XLS can perform more than 80 exercises, including variations of certain workout regimes. This home workout machine is ideal for toning up and doing Pilates style exercises.


• The Total Gym XLS does offer six resistance levels;
• Total Gym XLS has a 400 lb weight capacity;
• Contains upgraded comfort system, cable system and pulley;
• Comes with flexible nylon strap handles;
• Has an upgraded squat stand
• Provides head support with padded glideboard
• Comes in a chrome package
• Comes with ability to produce over 80 exercises
• Comes with 6 month warranty

Highlights that work for the Total Gym XLS include it having a variety of workouts and making it easier for the planning an efficient workout. By ordering the unit’s deck of cards, the workout can be made easier without much pre-planning. There is also an incredible ease to using the machine in that there is no noise and it slides smoothly. It can feel more consistent than other equipment at the gym. For many customers, progress on the Total Gym XLS seems to be greater than using local gym equipment.

The machine helps to:

• Ensure proper form when exercising
• Better alternative to free weights
• It has a professional look to it, not cheap or flimsy
• Looks like a state of the art piece of equipment
• Good color scheme of black and blue
• Comes as a heavy and solid workout machine
The dimensions of the Total Gym XLS are:
• Unfolded – 19 inches W by 90 inches L by 43 inches H
• Folded – 19 inches W by 51 inches L by 9 inches H


The price of the Total Gym XLS has been discussed as being too high. Even though there are more affordable Total Gym options (Total Gym 1800), some say the $1,000 price tag is just too much. But others also suggest that the Total Gym XLS is worth the price.
Another warning includes the wing attachment or pull up bar, which is located beneath the Total Gym. When removing it, be careful. It can get stuck. Make sure not to force the board forward.


What you get with the Total Gym XLS, is no gimmicks, at least according to The Smart Monkey Fitness Blog. What you see is what you get. If you are someone who has a busy home/work/family life and value staying at home and not driving to the gym, then this machine is for you. Another benefit is you don’t have to share your workout machine with anyone else!